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Trout Streamer Fly Patterns | How to Tie Streamer Flies

Five Seductive Streamer Ties for Big Fish        


Tying streamer flies for trout is what this video is all about.  Kelly Gallloup shows the first single-hooked streamer fly patterns he developed for catching big trout. 
It may not seem like it with all the big articulated streamer flies that are out there now but the streamer fly patterns in this how to tie streamer fly video were considered large at the time we did it.   The most innovative streamer fly pattern in the production is Kelly’s Zoo Cougar.  The unique thing about this streamer fly pattern is that it both wobbles and wiggles.  Tying a streamer fly with exaggerated animation is what he was trying to achieve with this and the other creations in this how to tie streamer flies video.


  • Wooly Sculpin
  • Stacked Blonde
  • Twin Tail Madonna
  • Zoo Cougar
  • Galloup’s Craw

             Kelly Galloup is a fly fishing and tying author, lecturer, guide, and exceptional angler.  The techniques he has pioneered to fish streamers for trophy trout have led to the development of these innovative patterns.  Along with the details on how to make them he will expand your knowledge on hair stacking and a variety of other subtleties of the art of tying streamers. Wooly Sculpin … This is both an attractor and baitfish imitation that has accounted for a huge number of Kelly’s largest fish.  Tied in a variety of colors, it can produce trophy trout, steelhead, and even bass. Stacked Blonde … A hybrid of the Joe Brooks pattern called the Blonde, this fly’s most distinguishing characteristic is it’s large profile.  Tied on a keel hook, it can represent a small brim or a beefy minnow. Twin Tail Madonna … Created by Michigan angling legend, Ray Schmidt, this undulating streamer comes alive in the water.  A dear hair head, tinsel body, and twin rabbit tails make it irresistible to trout. Zoo Cougar … Most famous of all of Galloup’s original flies, the Zoo Cougar is designed to be neutrally buoyant.   It has a unique side-to-side action when stalled on the retrieve and is in a class of it’s own. Galloup’s Craw … Crafted in reverse order, Kelly’s crayfish imitation is easily tied once mastered.  Each element of the fly adds to the animation of the pattern and the undulating pincers trigger strikes from big fish.

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