Articulated Streamers with Kelly Galloup

Kelly Galloup



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Fly Tying Instruction on Crafting 4 Tandem-Hook Streamer Flies With Superior Action That Won’t Ever Come Apart


  • CRAWL DADDY          
  • SEX DUNGEON               

Kelly Galloup is a pioneer in the field of streamer fishing.  His techniques and patterns, popularized in his book and video titled “Streamer Fishing for Trophy Trout”, have revolutionized the way anglers now pursue big fish.  His first streamer tying video showed how to craft his top producers; this one demonstrates how to make them even more effective.  “Articulated Streamers” demonstrates how to make tandem-hook flies with superior action that won’t ever come apart, and shows how to tune them to perfection.  

T&A RAINBOW     This is the pattern that has made believers out of the most reluctant streamer anglers.  The “Totally Articulated” Rainbow is catching big trout, and big game fish in general.  It has the action of a jointed swim-bait and Kelly shows exactly how to put it together so it will never come apart.  

ARTICULATED ZOO COUGAR    An elongated version of the most celebrated of Galloup’s flies, the Jointed-Cougar has a wobbling action like no other.  It both rocks and weaves and has proven irresistible to big trout.  Like the caged feline it was named after it is always moving and needs to be in your streamer box.

CRAWL DADDY    There are many crayfish patterns but none that have the life-like appearance of this one. It comes alive underwater with undulating pincers and a frantic tail action that often entices vicious strikes.  When crawdads are molting this pattern can turn zero days into hero days.

SEX DUNGEON    Named so because there is just a whole-lot of things going on here; the Sex Dungeon is proving to be one of the greatest big-trout patterns ever created.  A big-eyed muddler head, rubber legs, beaded articulated-body, and swimmy-tail all combine to make it irresistible.

120 Minutes


  • Weight: 0.25 lb
  • Width: 5 in
  • Depth: 0.25 in
  • Height: 7 in

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