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Fly Fishing for Bass | Fly Fishing for Panfish | Bass Fly Fishing

A systematic approach to fishing these warm water species is covered; plus flies and gear.  You’ll learn surface, subsurface and weighted fly tactics that can show you how to catch bass and panfish.


  • Rods, Reels, Lines, Leaders
  • Bass Basics on the Surface
  • Subsurface & Sinking Lines
  • Flies for Fly Fishing Bass
  • Panfish Basics on the Surface
  • Subsurface & Weighted Flies
  • Flies for Fly Fishing Panfish
  • Stalking & Casting to Bass & Panfish

Skip & Carol Morris are a dynamic angling pair that will take you on an educational adventure into the delightful world of fly fishing for Bass and Panfish.  
Skip is a world famous fly tying author whose innovative patterns have made him a favorite among tiers and anglers alike.  Carol is an exceptional nature artist and outdoor photographer.

A Systematic Approach is what is delivered in this detailed production.  You will learn how to pursue bass and panfish from the surface all the way to the bottom.
Each species is profiled and you discover where and how to fish them.  Everything from the retrieves you need to employ to the action you impart to the fly is viewed from both above and below water.   

All the Flies and Gear you need to get started are shown.  Skip explores his favorite patterns for both bass and panfish and he explains how each should be fished. You’ll discover all the gear you need for pursuing both species and learn how to use it.  In general the video will provide you the tools you need to enjoying fly fishing these overlooked species.

60 minutes DVD Video


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