Bugs for Beginners DVD

Jay Buchner



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Understanding the insects that are important to fly fishermen is essential to becoming a competent angler.

Discover five different bugs that trout feed on in this basic entomology lessong for fly fishers.

Jay Buchner is an expert angler and streamside entomologist.  In this video he takes us through five major aquatic insect groups and gives us an idea of their life cycle and why they are important to fly fishers.
We look in detail at stone flies, may flies, caddis flies, damsel & dragon flies, and scuds.  Jay all so takes a minute to talk about leeches and the important role they play in the anglers’ arsenal.  We see the bugs underwater; you get to see them as the fish do.  Jay also takes the time to look at some of the fly patterns used to imitate the various life stages of the insects and talks about how to fish them.

60 Minutes DVD Video


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