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12 DVD BOX SET – Twelve one-hour episodes of the award winning program Fly Fish TV

Featuring: professional guides and hosts, top angling destinations, complete tying lessons, and excerpts from the “How To” videos Madison River and Wet Fly Ways.

POSTCARD POOL           hosts: Wanda Taylor
Tie: Fire & Ice      How To: Wet Fly Ways

We join Georgia guide Becky Strain at Cannon Falls in the Smokey Mountains. Patience and precise casting make the difference in this adventure that looks at flies and tactics for shallow water nymphing. Our fly tier is Metrela Brown , Metrela crafts a little thing called “Fire and Ice”. Our “How To” segment has our first lesson on fishing wet flies in the traditional style with Davy Wotton.

STEELHEAD WAYS       host: Kelly Galloup
Tie: Swimming Hex           How To: Wet Fly Ways

Michigan’s famed Manistee River is the setting for four distinct profiles of ways to fish steelhead on a fly. Kelly Galloup joins expert Ray Schmidt for a detailed look at swinging and drifting flies for steelhead with both conventional and spey gear. In our tying demonstrations Kelly makes his crafty little “Swimming Hex Nymph”. Our “How To” segment features Davy Wotton with ways to fish wet flies with an upstream presentation.

LEES FERRY TALES      hosts: Terry & Wendy Gunn
Tie: Copper & Grouse How To: Wet Fly Ways

Terry and Wendy Gunn take us to their home waters, the Colorado River, at the head of the Grand Canyon. They show how to fish big dry flies and a dropper for selective rainbows.   A Copper & Grouse is our tie as crafted by Davy Wotton, this one terrific wet fly. In our instructional we have more on fishing wet flies in the traditional style with Davy Wotton, the presentation form in this segment is for across and down stream fishing.

CANADIAN CATS & CARP            host: Jeff Currier
Tie: D.D.H. Leech                How To: Wet Fly Ways

On this exotic angling adventure Jeff Currier takes us North in search of both catfish and carp. He joins Winnipeg fly fishing instructor Stu Thompson on the Red River to learn his techniques. In our tying segment Stu has a unique versions of the “Wooly Bugger” that he crafts just for catfish and carp; they also work on drum. In our “How To” we have more on wet fly presentations with guide and expert Davy Wotton on Arkansas’s White River.

SPRING CREEK CORNER            host: Kelly Galloup
Tie: Crippled Caddes          How To: Wet Fly Ways

Where Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa come together natural spring creeks abound, and host Kelly Galloup joins guide and accomplished tier Andrew Sobota to explore these little jewels of the Midwest. Andrew does the honors as our tier in this episode and makes his version of a “Yellow Sally” that will work most anywhere. In our ‘How To” segment Davy Wotton has more instruction on presenting wet flies, this time we see the extended dry line cast.

FROG HOLLER HOGS   hosts: Gary & Wanda Taylor
Tie: Redheaded Stepchild How To: Wet Fly Ways

Down in a pretty holler is where Gary and Wanda Taylor meet guide Metrela Brown and chase some of the rivers big trout. They share with us some of their knowledge and the joy of fishing Georgia trout streams. Metrela Brown does the show tie and crafts her version of the “Red Headed Step Child”. Our instructional segment ends our series on wet fly fishing in the traditional style with Arkansas expert Davy Wotton.

SAN JUAN SNOW RISE host: Terry Gunn
Tie: Halo Nymph                 How To: Madison River

A spring snowfall starts this magical float trips down New Mexico’s most prolific tailwater. Our host is Terry Gunn and he joins guide John Tavenner to talk the ins and outs of pattern selection and indicator tactics the San Juan’s selective trout require. Our fly tying segments features a miniscule offering called the “Halo Nymph”. In our “How To” segment of the show we start a series on fishing the Madison River with guide Kelly Galloup.

WINNIPEG PIKE PATROL.          host: Jeff Currier
Tie: Weedman’s Slider      How To: Madison River

Walleye are a seldom sought after species on a fly but host Jeff Currier takes up the challenge on the Bird River in Canada. He also looks for big northern pike with fly fishing instructor Stu Thompson as they test some big patterns on the Winnipeg River System.   Stu Thompson is our tier and crafts a unique flie designed specifically for walleye and pike. In our “How To” segment Kelly Gallup has tips on fishing the Madison River in Montana.

PEERS ON THE PERE   host: Kelly Galloup
Tie: Peeking Caddis            How To: Madison River

Named after one of the first to chronicle it’s whereabouts, Michigan’s’ Pere Marquette is our waterway for instruction on how to fish spring rainbows. Kelly Galloup joins friend and Great Lakes author Jerry Dennis for a float trip and tips on fishing streamers and drifting nymphs. In our tying segment Kelly’s ties the versatile “Peeking Caddis”. If you hadn’t had enough of Kelly he’s back in our “How To” with tips on fishing the Madison River.

WHITE RIVER B&B                       host: Gary Taylor
Tie: Pulsator                       How To: Madison River  

The White River in Arkansas and one of its scenic tributaries is where Gary Taylor joins wet fly expert Davy Wotton for an outing in search of smallmouth basxs. They’ll fish a variety of patterns and techniques for smallmouth and brim. Davy Wotton’s stays with us and ties something we call the Pulsator, a little crayfish imitation that works for a variety of species. Kelly Galloup has more on the Madison River in our instructional segment.

TAKES ON LAKES                          host: Kelly Galloup
Tie: Denny Rickards          How To: Madison River

Montana’s Ennis Lake is the setting for some great lessons and on the basics for fishing trout in stillwaters. Host Kelly Galloup joins angling author Denny Rickards to explore why he is so successful on stillwaters. In our tying segment Denny shows us some subtle changes you can make in your “Wooly Buggers” that might produce big results. In our instructional Kelly stays with us to go over more details on how and where to fish the Madison River.

CASTING ABOUT                            hosts: Jack Dennis
Tie: Muddler Daddy           How To: Madison River  

Improving your fly-casting to help your fishing is at the heart of this story with Jack Dennis and guide John Erickson. They travel to a couple of rivers, one in Idaho and another in Oregon, to explore a variety of ways to make you a better angler by becoming a better caster. For our tie Davy ties his deadly. “Muddler Daddy” that has a lot of twists for such a tiny thing, and in our instructional segment more on fishing the “Madison River”.


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