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Wotton's Top Ties Vol.1

  • Length: 120 Minutes
  • Category: Fly Tying

"Davy Wotton has tied for 45 years, & many of his flies have been publicized and marketed world-wide. He is a master angler as well as tier who lives near the White River in Arkansas where he guides over 200 days each season. The ties vividly illustrated in this video are his ""Go To"" creations, spawned from decades on the water and at the bench. DAVY’S SCULPER looks like a chubby minnow on the bench but in the water this swimmy sculpin comes alive and is irresistible to big trout. Crafted mostly from variegated trimming yarn, it’s made to be fished with hook-up and near the bottom. WOTTON BUGGER is a Streamer that is several steps up from the ordinary, and brings together a variety of the most enticing elements of traditional bugger flies. A peacock over-tail and back, small bead-head and red collar, and tandem hackle-wind, are all part of the recipe. As usual, “SLF” TRANSPARENT CADDIS EMERGER is a long antenna, shuck backed, soft-hackled, beauty that, when fished in the film, will beguile the most reluctant of trout. Its construction is demanding and precise, but well worth the effort. WOTTON SHAD is a translucent attractor and has accounted for some of the White’s largest fly-caught trout, and over twenty-five other species. Two layers of Flex Cord tubing allows for a variety of shaping and coloration, plus it’s a joy to cast. BLACK AND SILVER SPIDER No is “The” champion of this under-appreciated angling patterns. This tiny and sparse creation is demanding, but can often out-fish midge drys or nymphs on most given days.

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