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Wet Fly Ways

  • Length: 90 Minutes
  • Category: Specialized Techniques for Fly Fishing

"Davy Wotton teaches you a new way to fly fish in this information-filled video on fishing wet flies in the traditional style. What we mean by the traditional style of wet fly fishing is how fly fishers of the British Isles and Ireland historically angled for trout on rivers, streams, lakes and lochs. In the United States wet fly fishing, most often has come to mean swinging sunk-flies down and across stream, and nothing more. This traditional style involved fishing wet flies to every quadrant of the stream, and that will be the main part of this video, Davy Wotton showing us how to fish a cast of wet flies with both dry and intermediate fly lines up, across, and down river.
The traditional style also means angling with multiple flies on the same leader, termed a “cast of flies”.

Wet flies, both old and new, will be examined in detail and you will learn enough to make an educated pattern selection when you take this break through system to the river.

You get the complete recipe for assembling ""a cast of flies""; a critical part of this method that can entice even reluctant trout to feed. Leader and dropped lengths, tippet weights, and the proper knots for creating the cast are all clearly demonstrated."

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