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Wet Fly Tying

  • Length: 180 Minutes
  • Category: Fly Tying

Davy Wotton shows you all the basics of crafting wet flies including tails, ribbing, bodies, hackles, and wings. Demonstrations include: Partridge & Orange, Black & Silver Spider, Coch-Y Bunddu Beettle, DW Prism Soft Hackle, Woodcock Hare's Ear and Whickham's Fancy.

“WET FLY TYING with Davy Wotton” is a full three hours with technical lessons in the construction of six differen patterns. There are few tiers in the world as talented and as informed as Wotton, and in this video he demonstrates a host of techniques any fly tier will find invaluable.

Wet flies are Davy’s specialty and the ones you learn here will provide the angler an entirely new arsenal for even the most reluctant trout.

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