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Streamer Flies for Trophy Trout

  • Length: 120 Minutes
  • Category: Fly Tying

Kelly Galloup is a fly fishing and tying author, lecturer and guide. The techniques he has pioneered to fish streamers for trophy trout have lead to the development of these innovative patterns. Along with the details on how to make them, he will expand your knowledge on hair stacking and a variety of other subtleties of the art of tying streamers.

Tying demonstrations include: The Wooly Sculpin that is both an attractor and baitfish imitation; the Stacked Blonde is a hybrid of Joe Brooks’ Blonde and is tied on a keel hook and represents a small brim or a beefy minnow; the Twin Tail Madonna has a deer hair head, tinsel body, and twin rabbit tails to make it irresistible to trout; the Zoo Cougar, most famous of all of Galloup’s original flies, is designed to be neutrally buoyant and has a unique side-to-side action; Galloup’s Craw is a crayfish imitation that is filled with animation and the undulating pincers trigger strikes from big fish.

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