Midge Magic – Fishing & Tying – 2 DVD Set

Davy Wotton



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Product Description

Midge Magic Fishing & Tying is a two DVD set that saves you over 30% off the individual titles. Discover the subtle skills for rigging and fishing midges, and learn to precisely tie eight versatile patterns.

Midge Magic Fishing

Midge Magic Fishing will help you refine the unique presentation techniques that small flies require. Davy Wotton demonstrates, on a variety of water types, all the skills needed to catch midging trout. He will take you through essential gear, teach you to assemble leaders and tippets, describe how to approach spooky fish, detail useful line management methods, explain casting tactics, and show how to get that critical “good drift”. See in detail how to build the long fine leaders that effective midge angling requires. Learn a variety of rigging systems and watch Davy fish them at different depths. This is a fishing lesson you won’t want to miss from one of the world’s top fly fishers. Wotton lives near the White River in Arkansas where he guides over 200 days a season. He is the creator of numerous unique fly patterns, and is exceptional fly fishing instructor.


  • Fishing Soft Water
  • Making Leaders
  • Fishing Moving Water
  • Nymphing Deeper Water
  • Nymphing Deep/Fast Water
  • Fishing Emergers and Dries

Midge Magic Tying

Midge Magic Tying demonstrates how to tie eight small patterns that can easily be adapted to match any midge hatch. Davy picks his top producers and precisely instructs you on the details he believes are essential for bringing such modest flies to life. Any stage of a midge or tiny aquatic insect’s life cycle can be simulated once you learn the ties; they fish well on both still and moving waters. Materials and Tools needed for tying such tiny patterns get a full chapter since Davy believes there is little room for error when it comes to midges. Several of these flies are Wotton originals which means they are made for fish and not to emulate some text book drawing. As usual his precise narrative includes techniques and tips you can apply to all your pattern crafting. Davy Wotton knows a lot about flies. For over 40 years he has tied, designed, and sold flies and fly tying materials. In addition he knows how to fish; spending over half his days on the water as a guide and instructor on the White River in Arkansas. Davy grew up in Wales in the British Isles where fly tying was born and he brings a depth of knowledge to the craft few others possess.


  • Hooks & Materials, and Tools & Tips for fly tying midge patterns
  • Zebra Midge
  • Blood Worm
  • DW Marabou Tail Blood Worm
  • Whitetail Midge Pupa
  • Puff Pupa Emerger
  • Z-Wing Emerger
  • Dry/Emerger
  • Shimmer Midge


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