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Midge Magic Fishing & Tying

  • Length: 150 Minutes
  • Category: Specialized Techniques for Fly Fishing

Includes both "Midge Magic Fishing" and "Midge Magic Tying"s. You learn how to both tie and fish the tiny flies Davy crafts for big trout. In the angling video Wotton goes through the details of refining you flies. weights, leaders, lines, and gear to fish midge patterns effectively.

Then you get lessons in the delicate art of presenting small flies to all levels of the water column, from the service to down deep. In "Midge Magic Tying" goes way beyond demonstrating the finer skills of crafting the simple but effective Zebra Midge.

In only the way a master tier can reveal, Davy shows you the refined steps for tying a number of other sinking and emerging midge imitations. This is the full package of both fishing and tying small falls that can catch big trout.

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