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Kokanee Trolling with Gary Miralles

  • Length: 90 Minutes
  • Category: Gear Fishing Video Collection

Learn, in this detailed production, how to make the most of your time on the water in your pursuit of Kokanee. Let Gary Miralles show you the techniques his years of fishing, guiding, and making lures, have taught him about trolling.

Miralles, whose fishing products hold numerous world Kokanee records, will show you where and at what depths to find Kokanee throughout the year. He demonstrates precisely how to set your gear to maximize your success. Down rigging, stacking lures, set-backs, trolling speeds, bait selection are all covered.

Get a hands-on look at what tournament anglers do to catch more fish. If you’re just getting started fishing Kokanee this video has everything you need to know.

With the on-the-water lessons provided, and gear you probably already have, you’ll have enough know-how to hit the water. Included is a sturdy chart that shows the amount of line to let out and the size of weight you need to reach your target depth.

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