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Introduction to Fly Fishing with Terry & Wendy Gunn

  • Length: 55 Minutes
  • Category: Fundamental Skills for Fly Fishing

All the basic terminology, equipment, knots, flies, & techniques you need to get started fly fishing.

Terry & Wendy Gunn go over the basic terminology used with fly rods, reels & lines. Inside the fly shop, they demonstrate all simple knots you need to know to assemble your gear and start fishing. In general they unravel some of the mystique of fly fishing and put it in terms that the beginner can apply. On the water you'll discover everything from assembling your gear to learning to fish. Such things as putting your rod together and tying your leader all get covered. Wendy starts you dry fly fishing by showing you the critical dead drift, and Terry advances your fishing knowledge with basic nymphing tactics.

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