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Introduction to Fly Casting with Terry & Wendy Gunn

  • Length: 55 Minutes
  • Category: Fundamental Skills for Fly Fishing

Learn the dynamics of a fly cast, details of the stroke, how to achieve distance and improve your accuracy, plus discover a bunch of specialty casts.

Making the straight line cast is the first skill you'll need to become a fly fisher. Terry & Wendy Gunn break down the basic stroke so you grasp the dynamics and then put it back together with concise demonstrations. Line management, hauling, double hauling, & shooting are just some of the great techniques you'll find in this video. Cast for specific applications are what turn casters into anglers. All the ones you need to know are in this video. Cast such as the roll, pile, reach, and wind will help you catch more fish. Let Terry & Wendy introduce you to one of the most fun parts of fly fishing.

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