How to Fly Fish 5-DVD-SET

  • Length: 300 Minutes
  • Category: Fundamental Skills for Fly Fishing

Includes:"Introduction to "Fly Fishing", Introductionto Fly Casting", "Fly Fishing Trout Streams", "Bugs for Beginners", "Fly Fishing for Bass & Panfish". The perfect gift, this boxed-set includes the best beginner videos in the Fly Fish TV “How To” library. All a novice needs to get started is clearly explained and demonstrated by top professionals. Understanding the equipment, learning the basic knots, assembling gear and fly lines, selecting flies, and a host of fishing and casting tactics are vividly detailed. Terminology and even entomology are just a few of the building blocks of fly fishing that the videos teach. All the basics of angling and casting are broken down into unique lessons that the beginner can easily learn and then take to the water. Trout and Bass fly fishing are covered in separate productions, each with step-by-step strategies for catching these popular species. Nationally respected anglers take the uninitiated gently into the Fly Fishing world. They hit just the right balance between instruction and entertainment that lets the beginner learn without being intimidated.

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