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Henry's Fork with Mike Lawson

  • Length: 120 Minutes
  • Category: Angling Destinations for Fly Fishing

Big Trout are what the Henry’s Fork is known for and you will see quite a few in this production, but mostly it is about where and how to fish the river. Along with taking you personally to every major angling stretch he gives numerous lessons on presentation. You’ll discover his preferred techniques and patterns for the three significant water-types you will encounter when you travel to this famed fishery.

Mike Lawson is without a doubt the angler most associated with the Henry’s Fork. As a boy he grew up fishing it with his father, as an adult it has been the center of his life’s work as a guide, fly shop owner, and outfitter, and now it has become a principle subject of his major book “Spring Creeks”. In this feature-length video he shares with you some of his hard-won knowledge of the Henry’s Fork.

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