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Fly Fishing Trout Streams

  • Length: 60 Minutes
  • Category: Fundamental Skills for Fly Fishing

Moving Water Techniques need to be mastered if you are going to be successful angler. In this one-hour production Maggie Merriman divides the stream into four quadrants and shows you the casts and tactics required by each. Her polished delivery makes it easy for you to visualize each type of presentation. A Good Dead Drift is what your fly needs if it is going to catch fish. Maggie outlines each step you need to take make this happen. Everything from a half dozen specialized fishing casts to four ways to manage your fly line is covered. Dry fly fishing and nymphing are both addressed in this graphic instructional.

Maggie Merriman is one of the “Legends of Fly Fishing” who spent over forty years sharing her knowledge of the sport through her fly fishing schools out of West Yellowstone, Montana.

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