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Bobber Dogging Baits & Beads with Josiah Darr

  • Length: 82 Minutes
  • Category: Gear Fishing Video Collection

Bobber Dogging is fast becoming a “preferred technique” by a growing number of steelheader drift boat anglers, and some salmon anglers as well. The reason is that it catches more fish, especially on rivers that get a lot of pressure.

Guides Josiah Darr and Mike Kelly have designed their innovative system to fool wary steelhead. Their unique floats, weights, and combinations of deep-running baits and beads will take your game to the next level. Keeping your presentation in the strike zone longer can really boost your success, and “BOBBER DOGGIN” is the visual tool you need to make this happen. See it all: how to rig your gear, get the best drift ever, and fish a new style of baits and beads for maximum results. In the video there are chapters on why you should try bobber dogging, how to go about it, details on the rigging, sections on fishing both baits and beads, and all specifics on the gear you need for this advanced steelhead angling system.

In addition to great instruction you join a pair of top guides on one of Oregon’s best steelhead rivers. You’ll see in detail exactly how their unique system works for catching steelhead. A fish pushing twenty pound is boated and numerous other great steelhead are landed in this information and action filled production.

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