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Bob Jacklin's Yellowstone Ties

  • Length: 66 Minutes
  • Category: Fly Tying

Bob Jacklin has been tying flies since he was sixteen years old, learning from such legends as Lee Wulff. Recently inducted into the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame, he has been honored for his tying, teaching, and angling expertise.

At his fly shop in West Yellowstone Bob demonstrates precisely how to tie a number of classic patterns and a few of his own invention. The Grey Wulff witch matches a variety of drakes you will find on Western waters. The Royal Wulff that was is still one of the most popular dry flies in Yellowstone Country. Bob ties it to perfection just the way Lee Wulff taught him. The March Brown Nymph that is just a buggy looking tie that can be crafted in a variety of sizes and colors to imitate any number of work stoneflies. The Green Drake, one of the largest mayflies is done Wulff or Compara Dun style and incorporates a variety of unique materials to make it stand out in a crowd. The Platte River Special streamer fly, developed in Wyoming, is now popular everywhere and has a universal minnow silhouette. And finally the Great Western Stonefly, a salmon fly that is a beautiful mouthful of feathers, fibers, and fur tied to perfection.

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