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Bank Fishing Steelhead with Josiah Darr

  • Length: 82 Minutes
  • Category: Gear Fishing Video Collection

Learn steelhead wade and bank fishing from two top guides and discover what they do to land big results. See their best producing lures and baits, and get the specifics on how they fish them. Understand when to change up your presentation to trigger strikes and discover what it takes to get that fish-catching dead drift. In this feature-length production, host Josiah Darr and guide Mike Zavadlov detail all the most common techniques for fishing steelhead from the bank.

Detailed are steelhead float, drift, spinner, and spoon angling. Also demonstrated is how to use a bank side planer that is used to fish steelhead plugs from shore. Getting the proper drift is crucial to the steelheader and this video has numerous demonstrations on exactly how it’s done. The Olympic Peninsula in Washington and its’ famed steelhead rivers are the backdrop for exciting steelhead angling action and solid bank and wade fishing steelhead lessons.

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