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Advanced Streamer Fishing

  • Length: 90 Minutes
  • Category: Specialized Techniques for Fly Fishing

Both dry and sinking fly line presentations and retrieves are demonstrated in the production. You will see the difference between stripping and jigging flies and come to understand when, where, and how to switch from a horizontal to a vertical streamer presentation. Kelly will also show you the new St. Croix Rods and Scientific Anglers lines that are, for the first time ever, being made exclusively to fish streamers. It is a real testament to the significant changes Galloup has brought to fly fishing when two major companies devote entire product lines to a specific style of fishing.

Three Great Trout Rivers are featured in this action-filled look at the latest in streamer angling gear and methods. The Wind River in Wyoming, the South Fork of The Snake River in Idaho, and the Madison River in Montana are all platforms for streamer fishing lessons that will help you catch bigger trout.

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