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Advanced Spey with John & Amy Hazel

  • Length: 82 Minutes
  • Category: Spey Casting & Angling

Casting, fishing, and configuring leaders for shooting head and Skagit Belly spey fly lines requires different skills and techniques than with conventional lines. You will discover in this information-packed video what you need to change in your set-up, execution, and delivery to make these lines work for you.

You will receive detailed lessons on five different casts: Switch Cast, Snake Roll, Change of Direction, Circle, and Double Spey. Cutting and configuring shooting head and Skagit Belly spey lines is no easy task. John & Amy will show you how to weigh and cut your shooting head line so that it will exactly match your rod. They will also demonstrate how to cut your sinking tips for Skagit Belly lines to make them fish perfectly.

You will get all the details on the knots and techniques needed to completely assemble both systems.

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